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Improves security and performance

Windows 10 Launch Patch is an essential Windows update that offers a few security and performance improvements. It’s one of many updates that Microsoft has provided over the years. As soon as the company releases any Windows update, it begins to look for bugs that may be hampering user experience. The latest patch is no different and comes after the 20H2 version update.  

What is the latest patch for Windows 10?

Over the years, Microsoft has been trying to design and release an ideal operating system that users from all professional backgrounds could enjoy. To make the experience more seamless, the company has tired to release the same GUI on multiple platforms like tablets, computers, and smartphones. The latest Windows update has only continued this trend, and the patch is just an update to fix minor bug issues

What is Windows 10 Launch Patch for 64-bit devices?

As soon as the latest version of Windows 10 was released to the general public, Microsoft came up with the Windows 10 Launch Patch for 32- and 64-bit devices. Often referred to as the day one patch, the patch has been released to optimize performance, improve security, add features, and fix minor bugs. If your Windows automatically accepts updates, it's likely that you already have the patch installed. 

In case you’ve just downloaded the latest version of Windows 10, you may be wondering why the company didn’t include the patch in its initial release. This is not a new practice for Microsoft, and there are two reasons why this happens. The first explanation is that the copies of the latest operating system update are usually sent out way before the actual release date. The second is that many users who receive updates for testing get this patch to ensure they also have the latest version. 

The primary advantage of installing Windows 10 Launch Patch download is that it offers a range of security updates that ensure your computer is less vulnerable to external attacks. The patch also improves minor bugs that later help the system perform better. Launch Patch download is available in a portable format.  

What are the latest features of the Windows 10 launch patch?

Microsoft Windows 10 download includes the best features of Windows 8 and Windows 7 operating systems. A prominent inclusion includes the Start Menu, which has been brought back from Windows 7 but with a more modern and fresh look. The hybrid approach it takes keeps the menu confined to a section instead of taking up the whole screen.

The reason why this update is so popular is that it works well for computers with a mouse, as well as touchscreen computers. The layout of Windows 7 and then later Windows XP was great for devices that only had a mouse. However, it was a struggle for users with a touchscreen. With Windows 8, the roles reversed. The interface became great for touchscreens but worse for others. Windows 10 update, however, works for both! 

Windows 10 install also features multiple desktops, which means that you can create one desktop for your work projects and another for your personal use. It’s also quite useful if you have kids at home and want them to have their favorite apps organized neatly on the screen. Another feature called snap enhancements lets you view all open windows in a single pane. 

By adding a search and talk function on the taskbar, the software has also made accessing Cortana a lot simple. All you need to do is type in your query or the name of the program you wish to access in the search bar, and Cortana will do the rest. The operating system is optimized for multiple devices. If you can see these features on your device, it means you already have the latest Windows 10 update installed. 

How do I activate Windows 10?

Now that you’ve downloaded Windows 10 on your device, the only remaining task is to activate it using a product key or digital license. To enable the latest Windows 10 update, you must go to your PC's Setting menu and select the Open Activation icon. The window that opens will have an option to change the existing product key. Once you update that, you will activate the latest version on your Windows 10 computer

Are there any alternatives?

Windows 10 Launch Patch doesn’t have any alternatives. However, if you’re using a 32-bit computer, you will need to download the patch designed for those computers. Alternatively, if you already have all the updates and are looking for tools that can update existing programs or drivers, you should check out apps like Driver Booster Free and IObit Software Updater.

In case you’re running out of space on your hard discs, you should use the Smart Defrag tool to improve performance. IObit Toolbox is an essential program that can help you take better control of your device. It features tools that help you clean the system, repair errors, and optimize security. 

Should I update my computer with the latest patch?

While you may be skeptical about updating an operating system that you’ve just purchased, there is no reason to be. Microsoft frequently sends out day one patches designed to help enhance the performance of your device. The file consists of minor bug fixes and major security improvements, which means that downloading the latest Windows 10 upgrade isn’t just the right way to go, but also quite essential. The latest Windows 10 patch ensures that your system runs well, and you don't deal with unnecessary lags or security breaches. 


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Windows 10 Launch Patch 64 bit

  • Free
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