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Help & Info about Windows 10 Launch Patch 64 bit for windows

  • What is Windows 10 Launch Patch 64 bit?

    Windows 10 Launch Patch is the first patch for Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system. The small patch addresses a number of minor issues and is the first real update to the launch day version of Windows 10. For users running the operating systems, it’s a recommended update.
  • Is Windows 10 Launch Patch 64 bit free?

    Yes, for users of Windows 10 the Launch Patch is a free update. For those with automatic updates turned on, it will begin downloading immediately, while the manual update can be performed at any time.
  • Is Windows 10 Launch Patch 64 bit safe?

    Yes, Windows 10 Launch Patch is safe to download and update. Because it comes directly from Microsoft, it’s free of harmful malware or viruses. In fact, it aims to make your system more secure.
  • Does Windows 10 Launch Patch 64 bit apply to all PCs running Windows 10?

    Yes, all users who upgraded to Windows 10 will be able to install the patch on their PCs as a free service provided by Microsoft. Those running older versions of the operating system will not require this patch and will not find it in Windows Updates.
  • Does Windows 10 Launch Patch 64 bit require an internet connection to use?

    Yes, an internet connection is required to download and install the Windows 10 Launch Patch. Before downloading, make sure you have a secure network connection and that you will not require the use of your PC while the download and installation are completed.
  • How do I install Windows 10 Launch Patch 64 bit?

    The Windows 10 Launch Patch can be installed by checking Windows Updates. It can also be installed after downloading the patch from the Microsoft website. For those who have automatic updates turned on, the download will begin immediately and install shortly thereafter.
  • Can I use Windows 10 without installing the patch?

    Yes, you can technically use the launch day version of Windows 10 without the patch, although it’s highly recommended by Microsoft that you install it. It will not only improve upon a number of features, it will ensure you’re operating system it up-to-date and as secure as possible.
  • Is Windows 10 Launch Patch available for both the 32 and 64-bit versions?

    Yes, the Windows 10 Launch Patch is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10. You can’t, however, download the 32-bit patch and update your 64-bit version of Windows and vice versa.
  • How much disk space is needed to download Windows 10 Launch Patch?

    The 32-bit and 64-bit patches will require different amounts of disk space before downloading. The 64-bit version requires 325.87 MB, while the 32-bit version requires 159.11 MB of free disk space.
  • Will downloading Windows 10 Launch Patch install Windows 10?

    No, downloading the patch will not result in the download of Windows 10. Windows 10 needs to first be installed on your system before you can download and install the Launch Patch.


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